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"My Energy Kit" Classroom Challenge

November 14, 2022

What if I told you that our teachers could earn a guaranteed $50 to spend on their class, and our school can win up to $2,500 with little to no effort? Duke Energy has partnered with the National Theatre for Children to host a My Energy Kit Classroom Challenge.

Every classroom's goal is to have 20 students in the class sign up for their free energy kit, and that classroom teacher will earn $50. We have until December 31st, 2022 to complete this. Sounds easy to me!

Teachers will be creating their classroom inks and sharing them with families in our next WLA Friday email! The energy kits are completely free, will be sent to their home (one kit per household), and do not require you to collect or distribute any materials!

Energy conservation is a large part of what we stand for at GREEN. Parents and students will even be able to see the difference that they are making!

Please email Ms. Fischer with any questions! She is responsible for sharing this AMAZING opportunity with our GREEN community!


The current top school has 324 students... There is $2500 on the line for our school. We can beat that!