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PikMyKid - Dismissal App is READY TO GO!

September 12, 2022

Please take the week of September 12th to install the app on your phone, watch all parent instructional videos, and contact the school for any troubleshooting assistance needed.

PikMyKid will GO LIVE for families the week of September 19th!

PikMyKid Instructional Videos for Families

PikMyKid has created excellent training materials for both school staff and families. We hope you find these videos helpful in setting up your PikMyKid app so that you are ready for the implementation of this dismissal system on Monday, September 19th.

Please click the video links below and follow the steps described!

PikMyKid Video #1: Parent App Registration

PikMyKid Video #2: How to Manage Pickup With the Parent App

PikMyKid Video #3: Using the Parent App to View Children Delegated to You

PikMyKid Video #4: Parent App Account Tab Overview

PikMyKid Video #5: Using the Parent App to Manage Dismissal Plans